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NEWILLING is a professional large cylindrical lithium iron phosphate cell technology and production capacity platform .

We insists on focusing on the "lithium iron phosphate"development and focuses on "electrification of commercial vehicles, energy storage, ship electrification, agricultural machinery electrification, and high-end lead-acid substitution." Five core application areas.

With a professional team that has focused on lithium iron phosphate battery technology, products, and processes for more than 20 years as the company's management and operation team.

We independently developed 32700, 38121, and 46800 standard batteries use Tesla's car-grade large cylindrical battery technology and fully automated production equipment, and have four core advantages: safety, fast charging, low temperature, and craftsmanship.

With the innovative service concept of "joining local governments, material manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, universities, and research institutions to serve complete machine manufacturers", we are committed to becoming a more professional lithium iron battery technology and production capacity platform.

Newilling is a leading supplier of cylindrical lithium cells based in China. With years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of high-quality cells for various applications. Our commitment to delivering brand new A grade cells at competitive prices sets us apart from the competition. We strive to offer a one-stop lithium battery solution, ensuring that our clients receive the best products and professional service. Partner with us for your lithium cell needs and experience the difference.

At newilling, we are dedicated to providing high-quality cylindrical lithium cells at competitive prices. With our one-stop lithium battery solution, we offer brand new A grade cells that will drive your business forward and help you create successful brands. Our professional service ensures that you select the right lithium cells for your specific needs. Trust us for countless business profits and exceptional customer satisfaction.

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